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What exactly is a modular home?

Modular Homes are available through Texas Funding

Modular Homes are built in less time, for less money, with better quality that standard 'construction site' homes.  Modular Homes are quality System-Built in climate-controlled conditions with materials superior to those commonly used in site construction. A modular home is constructed to meet local building codes and offers a combination of the best features of a factory-built home and a traditional site-built home The quality of construction of a modular structure is far superior to that of a stick built, or standard construction in the field.

There is no way to compare the precision cut of a $10,000 radial arm saw or a $100,000 component cutter used in a modular factory to the hand saw or the small hand held circular saw used at job sites for construction.

Furthermore, modular factories have a full time inspection team that covers inspections in every detail from lumber cut to size, floor framing, wall framing, roof framing, electrical, plumbing, fastening schedules, insulating, windows, doors, etc. Along with the in-house quality control department, modular companies are required to have a Third Party Inspection Agency. The Third Party Agency is a non-partisan agency that review and certifies that the blue prints and ultimately the building meet all appropriate state codes. The Third Party Agency will conduct plant inspections on all units during construction to ensure that all guidelines are being met while on the assembly line.

All materials used in the construction of a modular building are stored indoors, so they are not exposed to the elements of the outdoors which often damage the integrity of the material.

Modular homes are built in a controlled environment.

Like a manufactured home, the indoor construction of a modular home has a number of benefits that result in unsurpassed quality. Every home is monitored on a daily basis to ensure that each phase of construction meets the high standards established by State and Municipal guidelines. All building materials are protected from the elements during the construction process. This means that your home is built with materials that are clean and undamaged by moisture, wind or even insects

A modular home shares the same construction features as those you expect in a site-built home

Whether you’re looking for cottage comfort or wide-open spaces for a large family, a modular home can be built for you. Every home features taped and textured sheet rock walls over 2”x4 studs on 16” centers, optional residential 6/12 roof systems and some models even include porches. and decks.

modular homes are certified to meet the Texas Building Energy Code – the same energy-efficient code as met by new site-built homes. Not only does this mean a more comfortable environment for you and your family, it also means that you will save thousands of dollars in energy bills over the years Most importantly, modular homes are placed on a foundation just like a site-built home.

The homesite is prepared, an engineered concrete pier and beam foundation is poured and the home is bolted to the foundation. A modular home exhibits the same strength as a traditional site built home and is rated to withstand winds of 120 mph.

the only difference between a modular home and a traditional site-built home is where the homes are built – not how they are constructed.

Modular Homes are available through Texas Funding

Modular Home Benefits

First, the Bottom Line - Price

Material waste is reduced because uniform building methods diminish errors. In addition, material purchasing is done in large quantities, and delivered direct to the manufacturing facilities. And again, building indoors protects materials from weather and other delays that could increase costs. Modular construction saves money and passes the savings on to you.

Modular homes generally meet the requirements for 30-year conventional loans. Texas Funding works with all types of Lending scenarios. We can make it happen. We make funding available for Modular homes, as well as mobile homes, and traditional residential construction homes. Regardless of where you find the home of your desires, driving by, on the internet looking at floor plans, or looking at models on a sales lot, Texas Funding can help you to OWN IT, and at rates you'll brag about to your new neighbours. Prequalify online today, and get a head start!

Modular homes can be built for any homesite – city or country. This is because modular homes meet the 2000 International Residential Code – the same general building code most municipalities follow. When you choose a Modular system-built home, you get more home and real value for your money. Modular construction uses 'stick-frame' building methods to construct your home with styling and proven technology. Modular homes are inspected at every stage of construction by independent third party inspectors, and comply with all state, local and residential building codes.

Controlled building methods are not subject to many of the delays faced by 'on-site'-builders. When construction is completed inside a building, weather and other conditions that can raise cost and delay completion are reduced.

To truly appreciate the quality and value of a ModularHome, we invite you to experience a Modular Home in person. Visit a Texas Funding, or any of our associate sales centers or call us at 1-866-441-6744 for more information.  

Modular Homes are available through Texas Funding

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