Once You've Been Prequalified for a Loan

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Once you've been notified by your Texas Funding Loan Officer that your pre-qualification request has been approved, you are one step closer to getting your new home loan.

Your loan officer will set an appointment with you to apply for your home or refinancing loan. To save time and make the application process move quickly, it's in your best interest to have certain information available at the time of the loan application. Anyone applying for a loan understands that certain information is required from the borrower by a lender. Home loans are no exception.

Texas Funding has put together a list of information items that are commonly asked for when applying for a home loan or a refinance loan that you can use to get your information together before Loan officers and lenders ask you for it, greatly reducing the time it will take to close the deal on your new home loan. It's in your best interest to have this information and readable copies of the related paperwork AT THE TIME OF THE LOAN APPLICATION. When the loan officer can include these copies with your application, the time to final approval of the loan is greatly decreased.

These are items that are typically asked for:


If You've been Divorced:

If You are self employed:

If You are buying or refinancing a manufactured Home:


Miscellaneous Items

A few more things you should know: Once you've been Prequalified for a loan, don'tchange residence, apply for new credit or quit your job. A job change for better income will not hurt, but again, you will need to be able to prove that your income has increased with the new job, and that can take time. It's best not to make any changes to until your new loan is CLOSED.